In our twenty years of experience working with corporations, nonprofits and government agencies, we have learned that all positive organizational change depends upon two things. One is the quality of leadership at all levels, and the other is the health of the organization’s culture, the subtle but pervasive day-to-day reality experienced by all employees.

Leadership means far more than knowing your business, being decisive and focusing on the bottom line. Authentic leadership requires self-mastery, forward vision, and the wisdom to profoundly inspire others to be their best. Authentic leaders must have the courage to serve as well as lead, and to expand beyond comfortable boundaries if they are to provoke the energy of their people. These qualities are no longer luxuries for CEOs and senior executives: They have become the currency that determines an organization’s power to learn, grow and flourish.

In a thriving organizational culture, authentic leadership is required of, but not restricted to, senior executives and managers. Every employee is encouraged to develop leadership qualities, which manifest as personal inspiration and accountability. This is made possible in an atmosphere of respect and trust, in which each member has a genuine voice and is enabled to participate in the process of learning and innovation. As consultants, our task is to help introduce these principles into your organization at both executive and grass-roots levels, and work with you to develop practical and effective methods of implementation and measurement. Our ultimate measure of success is that these ideas and methods take root and become self-generating, for the long-term realization of your vision and the wellbeing of your people.