Our services bring out the best in people, supporting their engagement and productivity, thereby making the organization stronger.

Individual Assessment and Profile

Designed to provide valuable information and feedback to the individual and management, the Assessment highlights an individual’s key strengths, motivational factors, and potential areas for further development. A comprehensive written profile provides information gathered from interviews, references, and human-resource based testing. Assessments may be used to:

  • enhance an individual’s performance
  • assess the fit between employees and specific positions
  • provide constructive feedback and career path recommendations
  • determine the best candidate for hiring or selection

Personal Coaching and Consulting

As an adjunct to the Assessment or as a stand-alone service, Personal Coaching and Consulting is offered to help the individual target priorities, address personal or organizational obstacles, strengthen leadership skills, and, in general, manage life and work with greater perspective and confidence. Coaching can include discussion, planning, teaching, reading, role-plays, and on-site observation and facilitation. A typical timeframe for a coaching program is six to nine months.

Organizational Assessment and Consulting

Typically working with the president, CEO, or other senior managers, we help you identify and address the needs and opportunities that exist within your organization.

Team Building

A team-building exercise can be highly effective when the goal is to enhance a group’s communication, address obstacles, and clarify purpose, direction and responsibilities. In a one-day or two-day session, we create an atmosphere in which the group’s key issues and obstacles may be highlighted and addressed skillfully, on the spot. During the exercise we may alternate facilitating with teaching, observing and providing feedback, information and ideas to the group.

Conflict Management

We are often called upon to provide objective facilitation and informal mediation between individuals or groups who are demoralized or are in conflict. Our approach emphasizes clarity, respect and compassion, utilizing effective methods of listening and inquiry.

Strategic Planning

We frequently assist clients in creating and revising their strategic plans. Our role may be to consult with management, facilitate meetings, or introduce methods of creative thinking and innovative problem solving.

Seminars, Tutorials and Extended Courses

Our seminars, individual tutorials, and courses always combine education with experiential, hands-on learning. Sessions are designed to meet the timeframe, needs, and preferred outcomes of the client and may be conducted on site or off.

  • Team Development and Group Dynamics.
    A practical exploration of group behaviour and dynamics, with practices to strengthen your group’s performance and commitment.
  • Leadership and Management Development.
    Principles and disciplines that are fundamental to effective leadership, empowerment and accountability at all levels of the organization.
  • Employee Retention and Succession Planning.
    Retaining your best people, while also preparing others to succeed them, is a crucial factor in managing change in today’s organizations. An exploration of human resource best practices, current debate, and case studies.
  • Essential Skills for Facilitators.
    Hands-on training in observation, facilitation and providing the feedback that can make your group’s meetings highly productive. Appropriate for group members as well as leaders.
  • Managing Organizational Change.
    Presentation and discussion of today’s rapidly evolving workplace, with individual and group exercises in how to lead and manage change.
  • Stress Reduction and Work/Life Balance.
    A personal wellbeing and work performance “check up,” to help rebalance one’s life and rebuild one’s strength of mind, body and spirit.